On the outbreak of Covid-19

On the outbreak of Covid-19
Declaration of the Council of the Syrian Charter, for immediate release

24 March 2020

On the outbreak of Covid-19 and the implications for all Syrians

The Council of the Syrian Charter, in its inaugural declaration, pledged to monitor humanitarian, social, and political developments in Syria. In light of this commitment, the Council has decided to issue a statement on the serious implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on Syrians wherever they may currently reside.

Firstly, the Council of the Syrian Charter wishes everyone good health and well-being. 

Secondly, the Council of the Syrian Charter expresses its sincere gratitude to all doctors, nurses and other medical personnel for their efforts on the frontline against Covid-19 throughout Syria and wherever Syrians may reside.

The Council urges all medical officials working in Syrian land, also those based in the conflict areas of Idlib and the North-Eastern Euphrates region, to administer treatment in a fair and equal manner regardless of the affiliations of those in need of assistance.

The Council believes that the decision to enact measures against Covid-19 should be motivated solely by the need to save Syrian lives.

Finally, the Council of the Syrian Charter calls on all belligerents involved in the conflict in Syria to put aside their differences, and to prioritise tackling the humanitarian crisis caused, among other factors, by Covid-19. 

The Council hopes that the current health crisis will strengthen the conviction among opposing parties in Syria of the need to engage in dialogue and to agree upon solutions to all the salient issues faced by Syrian society in its entirety today.

(English translation for convenience, the Arabic text is binding)

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