Council of the Syrian Charter

Council of the Syrian Charter

There comes a pivotal moment in every conflict when members of society need to step up to the plate and resolve their differences, however, they may have arisen, on their own terms    

The signatories and supporters of the Code of Conduct for Syrian Coexistence (CoC), have done just that. Public figures and community leaders from all walks of Syrian life have been working together for several years towards a common goal. That is, to help their compatriots overcome the discord between them and achieve a new, enduring social contract for all Syrians, and for all elements of Syrian society.

Spurred on by the devastation caused by the fragmentation of Syrian society, these signatories and supporters from both inside Syria and the Syrian diaspora have gathered together in dialogue over the potential future of their homeland. Their discussions have resulted in the formation of an institutional body known as the Council of the Syrian Charter. The founding document of which was signed by members in November before the establishment of the Council of the Syrian Charter was formally announced in March 2019. 

The Council of the Syrian Charter is unique because it is a strictly non-partisan and non-governmental network which includes members from various political backgrounds in Syria who often hold opposing views. They are, however, united in their desire to bring together the Syrian people, to end the bloodshed, and to build a vision for future generations, based on the diversity and equality of the people.  The work of the council depends on the often-dangerous participation of a wide network of active members and supporter. It is, therefore, left to the discretion of individual participants whether they wish their names to be published.  

The Council of the Syrian Charter is committed to giving Syrians a platform to voice their concerns and to introduce their idea to relevant policy circles. The Council considers itself an interface between various societal groups, governmental bodies, and international institutions. The council is therefore well-placed to facilitate mediation and confidence-building  efforts between different elements of Syrian society. To this end, members of the council are in constant contact with various representatives of national and international parties. During these conversations the Council of the Syrian Charter strives to speak for many Syrians who often go underrepresented and unheard.   

The Council of the Syrian Charter strongly encourages all Syrians, wherever they may currently reside, to sign, to support, and to implement the Code of Conduct for Syrian Coexistence. They can also follow the council’s Facebook page to join its members in the conversation about Syria’s social, economic and political future and to rediscover what unites them.  

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