Declaration of the Council of the Syrian Charter, for immediate release

9 June 2020

On the situation of Syrians who reside in IDP and refugee camps

In its inaugural declaration the Council of the Syrian Charter pledged to monitor the ongoing humanitarian, social, and political developments in Syria. In light of this commitment, the Council has decided to issue a series of statements addressing the spread of Covid-19 pandemic in Syria, its serious economic impact on Syrians and the situation of detainees amid the health crisis. The Council focuses on the situation of Syrians in camps in this statement.

The Council has taken on the responsibility of voicing the unheard Syrians and has been making every effort to channel their voices to all international concerned parties. Meanwhile, Syrians, who live in camps for refugee and internally displaced persons, lack the basic necessities to sustain a decent livelihood. They suffer from poverty, the spread of diseases, food and drugs shortages, and the absence of security.

The problems faced by Syrians in these camps have been exacerbated by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic across the world, the consequences of which are unforeseeable.

The Council has identified a dire need to give extensive assistance, including food and drugs supplies, to Syrians in camps in such exceptional circumstances, based on the principle of international solidarity regarding humanitarian issues.

The Council urges the United Nations, all international and regional organisations and countries to provide Syrians living in camps with all kinds of direct support and assistance. The Council also encourages them to act responsibly and to ensure that all obstacles which hinder humanitarian assistance from reaching Syrians in need are removed, without being subjected to politicisation or favouritism. The Council also encourages these organisations to take all necessary measures to guarantee that war profiteers would not control humanitarian assistance and sell it for their own financial benefit.  

(English translation for convenience, the Arabic text is binding)

English translation for convenience, the Arabic text is binding ©