In its inaugural declaration the Council of the Syrian Charter pledged to monitor the ongoing humanitarian, social, and political developments in Syria. In light of this commitment, the Council has decided to issue a statement on the serious economic impact the Covid-19 pandemic is currently having on the country.

The continuing war in Syria has profoundly affected the living conditions of all Syrians and has had a devastating impact on all of their livelihoods.

The recent worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 and its particular manifestation in Syria pose daunting challenges to the Syrian economy. As the Syrian government imposes some restrictive measures to curb the spread of Covid-19, Syrians, from all segments of the Syrian society, are facing an unprecedented deterioration in their standards of living.

The Council urges all international bodies and countries to support Syrians, wherever they may reside. The Council also encourages them to conduct thorough research and detailed analysis on the economic and humanitarian situation in Syria. And before committing to resolutions or reaching decisions concerning Syria, the Council calls for special attention to be paid to safeguarding and the health and food security of all Syrians.

Berlin 14/05/2020

(English translation for convenience, the Arabic text is binding)

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