About us

Souria 11 derives its name from the eleven clauses found in the “Code of Conduct for Syrian coexistence”. The Code of Conduct comprises ideas from Syrians themselves to be presented to their fellow Syrians. It includes what Syrians believe to be necessary to revive Syria as a state which is inclusive of all citizens regardless of their religious, ethnic, regional and linguistic backgrounds – as a single homeland where Syrians can discuss and debate forms of governance as they see fit in a mutually beneficial manner.   

This website is an attempt to establish an open channel between the Syrian public and those Syrians who were involved in the drafting of the “Code of Conduct for Syrian coexistence” and those who are members of the “Council of the Syrian Charter”. It is hoped that the website will become a place to share ideas and discuss concepts for people – where those who have had similar experience of tragedy can help one another to overcome their pasts and to work together to encourage live to return to their homes in the spirit of solidarity, civil peace, and community cohesion.

We hope that the “Code of Conduct for Syrian coexistence” will be the first step along the path to make Syria a home for all of its citizens.


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