Code of Conduct for Syrian coexistence


The Essence Of The Code

The present document shall bring Syrian citizens together in a critical endeavour. It shall help overcome discord, both the recent and the inherited, toward a new, long-lasting social contract and a new political and social system for the future government in Syria, which shall be rooted in and based on citizenship alone.


The Principles Of The Code

I. Recognition Of The Territorial Integrity Of Syria

II. Disclosure And Recognition

Syria's current state of affairs and its decomposition must be admitted and recognised without exaggeration, false courtesy, or embellishment. Opening up to reality marks the first step of a discussion conducive to address the causes of fears among all elements of society. ,..\


III. No Victor, No Vanquished

In Syria's society, and among its communities, there are neither victors nor vanquished. The excruciating war has spawned losers alone, namely the Syrian people in their entirety.


IV. No Side Is Innocent

No armed conflict party can claim to be inculpable. Therefore, the parties must concede and admit their respective wrongdoings against the Syrian people.


V. Accountability, Not Revenge

Accountability for violations and atrocities is key to build the country anew. This shall not be confused with revenge or collective accusations. Accountability is individual. No member of a community shall be judged for misdeeds committed by a co-religionist or member of his or her community.


VI. Repair The Damage, Restitute and Compensate

To admit the need for compensation of every affected Syrian and

restore what was stolen from them, including their right to return "

to the homes they were deprived of since March 2011. Their claims,

needs, rights must be considered and guaranteed.


VII. Human Suffering, Detainees, Prisoners and Missing Persons

This is a commitment of Syrians to inspect and scrutinise the human suffering that was caused by the conflict after March 2011. The humanitarian issue includes the cases of detainees, prisoners, missing persons and the families of the vict ims, as much as the injured and disabled. However, cases that occurred before this date must also be taken into consideration.


VIII. The Diversity Of Syrian Society

To admit that Syrian society is diverse and plural with regard to culture, ethnicity, religion, doctrine, or tribes. No group or community has the right to monopolise or dominate the political, social, cultural, national, religious and doctrinal life in Syria.


IX. Depoliticise The Origins

Political life in Syria's society shall not be built along any fault lines of religious, national or doctrinal differences. The cornmunities shall hold no prejudice against the origins of either group or person and shall accept every citizen's right to belong and identify him or herself with a respective ethnicity, religion, doctrine or tribe.


X. The Common Cultural Heritage

The Syrian cultural heritage includes all the civilisations that have previously lived and are still living in Syria. Syria must strive to maintain and to protect this legacy and the essence of its civilisations. This duty is inseparably linked to Syrian nationality.


XI. Equality Of Syrians, Protection Of Their Freedom

Equality of all Syrians and between all Syrians shall be guaranteed, as much as the right to equality in front of the law and the judiciary.


The signatories on this code pledge to work in accordance with its principles and to spread the word of it among their people and their community. They strive to expand the circle of endorsers of the Code in order to, eventually, include all Syrians.


Sign the Charter